Together we can do great things

I'm currently sitting in my room in New York, New York, Las Vegas (confusing if you've never been, this hotel is like a mini New York), its 2:29am. I got off of the phone with John 20minutes ago. I knew the phone call wasn't good when he said 'I don't want to panic you but...', if ever there was a way to panic someone it's saying, 'I don't want to panic you'. Anyway, now of our staff has forgot her key for work today so cannot get into the building. She's usually great so an honest mistake but with John in the shop and unable to leave and me 5,000 miles away there is not much I could do.

This is where support comes in. A quick brain storm of options, do we shut that venue today, can we get another key there? I do tend to panic. John, in my mum's words, is so laid back he is horizontal. This is where it is great being part of a team. In my panic I can instantly think if something will or won't work and John being so chilled out can usually think of an idea. This means we can quickly and efficiently come up with a practical solution so solve our problem.

So how do you work as a team? Do you have conflicting ideas or do you always see eye to eye? One if not preferable over the other, they are just different. If you're not sure, download and take our free personality test here.