Getting into Gear

I get a good break at Christmas, I think it is the one time of year that people don't expect you to answer emails or calls and you can spend some much needed time off. I don't know about you but I always feel a lot better for a few days of rest and relaxation, it makes me come back to my business with fresh eyes and a new found energy.

I'm actually quite good at setting New Years resolutions. I set one 12 years ago that I still keep - Not to buy magazines. There is the odd exception like when I'm on a long journey or myself or a friend is featured but I'm no longer buying one (or two!) every day like I was.

My main goals for 2018 include spending more times with John. I've just stopped one of my evening classes so our Wednesdays are now becoming 'curry night' this links with my goal of cooking from scratch more so I'll hopefully be making some delicious/inedible (I'll let you know which) meals in a few weeks.

What is your goal? Have you got one? I would strongly advise a planning day if you haven't. I love the 90 day goal concept. Basically, if you set a goal too far in advance and you lose interest, too close and you don't think you can do it. 90 days is a good distance away. Every 3 months, I lock myself away for a day and sit and plan. I work out what I want to do in those 90 days both personally and in business and come up with an action plan to do them. From here I can break it down into steps and then I know week to week or even day to day what I need to be doing to get to my goal.

It's also a great exercise to do with your partner. Each come up with your own goals, without talking first and then have a chat about them. Do they match? Are they both heading in the same direction or are you on completely opposite paths in your lives? What could you do to bring them back together?

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