Top tips for creating videos in your business

Did you catch the facebook live I did yesterday about creating videos in your business? (If you didn't watch it here).

Videos are an awesome, quick and easy way to show off your product or service to customers yet loads of people are scared of them? It's like ripping off a plaster- just do your first one quick and it will become so much easier each and every time.

On most platforms now there are two types of videos. Pre-recorded which you record in advance, edit if you want to and upload. The second type is a live. These are what they say on the tin; a live video, so no editing, just you, live, talking to your audience. Depending on the platfrom you can then remove it straight away, it disappears within 24hours or you can keep it there. There's no right or wrong and which you choose, especially to start with, is personal preferance. I find lives do get more views as facebook especially will pop you to the top of a newsfeed. Personally, I'd say do a few pre-recorded videos until you're more comfortable in front of a camera before trying a live.

When recording (and wriring blogs or newsletters) don't use generic terms like 'Hi everyone' instead use 'Hi, how are you today?' and look at the camera (more of that below) if just helps you connect with your audience member better and makes them feel like you are talking directly to them, which hopefully your message will confirm you are the right person they should go to for your product or service.

In the facebook video I shared a couple of tips.

Make sure you have good lighting, it makes you look better- totally vain but if you look better, you feel better and perform better. Sit by a large window with lots of natural light if possible, natural is always better than artifical. If where you live doens't have great lighting a diva light or if that's a bit out of your budget this clip is a cheaper and more porable version.

For your background pick something eiher branded or plain. I usually use a white wall in our house which works well for me as it's next to our patio doors which are huge. Pop up banners work too especially if you don't have a lot of room as they can be put away easily. I'm saving up to get one of those pretty flower walls. Whatever you do, don't film in your bedroom with dirty socks on the floor.

My new best friend BIGVU! I am so in love with this. It's an app which allows you to input your script and it scrolls on your screen like a teleprompter. I feel like a newsreader using it lol! Since I strated using this my videos look so much more professional as I know what I am saying, don't umm and err and pause too. There's a free and a paid version so have a look.

As I mentioned above eye contact - make sure you're looking into the camera and not just at yourself. It engages with your audience a billion times more. It makes them feel like you are talking directly to them. Now don't stare at them like you're some sort of weirdo but imagine you're talking to a friend (yes pretend your phone is your bestie), you'll come across alot more natural.

Last one, which I am guily of not doing. Talk slowler. Make sure it's slightly slower than normal so people can understand you.

Do you have any tips for making awesome videos? Pop me an email, I'd love ot hear them.

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