Have you heard of..... Nathalie Lussier

I came across Nathalie Lussier and her awesome 30 Day List Building Challenge (check it out here). Shortly after taking her course I found out she works with her husband Robin. They named their business AmbitionAlly as they are allies in business and life-I love that!

Recently I stumbled across a blog post Nathalie had written about working with Robin and wanted to share some takeaways with you and my take on it too. You can check out the original post here.

Separate Rooms- I totally agree with this. Myself and John have separate places to work, sometimes I even stay home to work and he goes into the shop to give us both a day of not seeing each other. I find I need that space to focus at times and I am sure John does too. Nathalie says 'It’s also helped us take time away from work better, because our computer stay in our offices while we have meals together'. Again, I completely agree with this. If you work from home you need a space where you can shut a door and leave work behind it in order to spend time with your spouse doing something non-work related. Don't mix the boardroom with the bedroom!

Work and Play- This is something I am personally still working on. I love my businesses and working on them, they are my babies as we don't have any real ones. I could work all day everyday if you let me and be really happy doing it but there comes a time, and I'm getting better in myself, that you start to burn out, or struggle to come up with new ideas or solutions to problems as you just haven't had time to switch off. Play is really important too. Having something you do together which isn't work related or even separately so you have some time off, it just helps your brain and body relax and I find you come back feeling refreshed and in a better place than before. I love an idea Nathalie and Robin do. 'Along the we way, we’ve also learned how to stop arguments early, and get things out into the open. One trick we’ve been using is to explain why we want something done a certain way. So instead of just saying “update this feature” or “go take out the recycling” we add the word “because”. So example, “update this feature because I noticed that many people were having issues getting it to work”, or “go take out the recycling because the box is full and I am about to take a conference call'. I am so going to try this with John. I can really see how that would help stop and argument in it's tracks and know I am guilty of barking John an instruction, him not doing it right away and me losing my rag and then he's left going 'huh?'.

Roles and Responsibilities- My one-on-one clients know how much I go on and on... and on...and on about this. You need set roles within your business and those set roles come with set responsibilities. In this blog Nathalie outlines hers and Robin's key skills and says that they worked out these 'Zone's of Genius' early on both at work and at home.

Thanks for the blog Nathalie!

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