Guess what I did...

So John's off work this week- yay! I've got him all to myself for one week, other than the day we're seeing his parents, the two days we're going out with friends, the day we said we would have a clear out... err that's not many days left is it! Still, we have time together.

I work hard. I work a lot. But even when I am super busy I make sure I find time to spend with John. After all he's who I'm doing this for and vice versa. Even if it's 20minutes.

Please have a listen to this weeks podcast. In it I interview John - ha! I say interview, it's full of giggles as John hates doing stuff like that. I think it gives a good insight into our relationship and what we're like. I wonder if you're like us and a bit silly or if you're much more professional. Have a listen here.