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I feel like I'm on holiday. We're having a beautiful heatwave here in the UK. I'm such a summer person, I love it when it's warm like this.

This week I decided to tell you about my top 5 books on the podcast and thought I'd share them here as well. These aren't in any particular order but I think everyone who runs a business especially with their partner should read these.

First of all is the 5 love languages - Gary Chapman* I would recommend anyone in a relationship to read this as it helps you understand how the other person works and how they want to be treated meaning you can assist in that and not make them feel like they are taken for granted. Although it is the 5 love languages I think you can apply these principals in most of your relationships in life.

The life changing magic of tidying up - Marie Kondo is next up. This has completely changed how I tidy up and massively reduced the amount of 'stuff' I own. Her basic guide is if something doesn't fill you with joy or is useful, get rid of it. I think all the stuff we have creates clutter, not only in our houses but in our minds so clearing that stuff out helps to make space for your thoughts to flow better.

If you don't really understand how or what a system is or why they are needed in your business E-myth Revisited - Michael E Grubber will be the book to start with. You cannot scale your business successfully without having systems in place so that everyone receives the same replies and information. This book talks about the importance of that and why it is so necessary!

4 hour work week- Tim Ferries OMG! This book! Completely changed my life. I was sitting on Malibu beach, CA, with John two years ago and it all just clicked into place and I knew then and there wanted I needed to do to make things better for both of us. I'm so grateful I read it and implemented it into my business as I was really sick around this time and couldn't work at all for a period of time. The things I have learnt in this book made that time in my life a lot less stressful.

I usually give books away after reading but this one has post it notes, highlighted pages, things written in the gaps on the side. It's defiantly well loved.

On the same trip once John had gone back home and left me wandering around the USA on my own I was in New York before flying home. I love New York, once day I am going to live in the clock-house apartment in Brooklyn. I woke up super early and caught the subway down to Brooklyn, walked from there part the Staten Island ferry and back towards Central Park. I ended up in Time Square and came across a man selling books and Girlboss - Sophia Amoruso was on his stall. For whatever reason I didn't buy it then and there but it kept cropping up on Amazon, friends would mention it, in charity shops etc so I thought I had better buy it. She's a very raw writer and quite happily talks about her successes and failures in building Nasty Gal.

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I also talk about these books in episode 7 of my podcast, have a listen here

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