On your priority list, where do YOU fall?

I either go all guns blazing into work in the morning or I fart-arse around doing fuck all. There's no in between. Let's take this blog post for example. It's now gone 3pm and this was top of my list for today. In fact it's been on my list for about 3 days. I'm just starting it now.

Sometimes you need to do nothing or at least something unbusiness related. I know full well that it is hard. Especially when you love your job and you want your business to progress and Gary Vee is telling you not to have a day off for 10 years and then hopefully you'll have made it. But it is important to look after yourself first. As the saying goes 'You cannot pour from an empty cup'.

No one is bored nowadays. I remember as a kid repeatedly telling my Mum 'I'm going to die I'm so bored'. Yet in life now we just aren't allowed to be bored. We have our smart phones always in our pockets and a power bank (two if your like me) for fear of the battery running out and God forbid you have to sit on a train and make eye contact with another human (Fuck they looked at me! what do I do?????).

I just listed to an awesome TEDTalk (that was really annoying to type as I'm waiting for an Apple appointment as my T key is loose, TEDTalk was the most annoying thing to type yet. Anyway,) by Manoush Zomorodi called 'How boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas'. It is sooo true.

The same goes for having time off. Both lead to these periods of time where your brain can start thinking outside the box and moving along all of these unusual paths you wouldn't have thought about otherwise. This is the area in which creativeness thrives.

So whether you're trying to think of a new product or an idea for a birthday present. Take some time out to be bored. Put your phone away on the tube. Sit at the doctors and try and work out what's wrong with everyone. Turn off your iPod and hear what else is going on around you.

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