Help! I'm in the dark ages

At least that's how I felt this afternoon.

You see we had a new smart electric meter fitted. So we now have some fancy little box to tell us that charging the car uses more electric than the kettle (who knew eh?!). In all seriousness in took about two hours to fit and for those two hours I had no power so so wifi. I may as well have been living in the dark ages, it felt like I was. But I had prepped for this, I knew it was coming.

I made sure my power bank was charged up in case my phone started to die, which it did, I had charged my laptop before the lads arrived (I keep calling them lads, they were both at least 50!) and had a list of jobs that wouldn't require me to be linked to the internet such as writing out certificates for the end of term at dancing and scheduling social media posts on my phone. Basically, I didn't waste my time not being able to do something. I was prepared.

So are you prepared in your business? Do you know what you're doing today, tomorrow, next week? Do you know where you're headed to long term? These are important things to know and figure out. Then when something happens, maybe an opportunity comes up and you aren't sure about it, you can look at your plans and see if it fits in with them. If it doesn't, forget about it and move on.