The day my life changed for ever

15 years ago today. Half my lifetime. My life diverted off course never to return back to the plan I once had. On that fateful afternoon, after I had been helping in my Dad's business doing some photocopying and filing I decided to go and dance. This wasn't and still isn't an unusual thing for me. My happy place is letting my body move in anyway it can to whatever music is on. I had dreams. I was going to dance on Broadway and tour with Michael Jackson. My dreams and my bones were a shattered broken mess from one wrong move.

I ended up in hospital for 3 nights. I had broken my ankle in 3 places, a triple, spiral fracture, dislocated my knee and as I fell had landed on my ribs which were understandably really bruised. I had an operation the second night I was in hospital it should have been 3 hours and ended up taking 6. I had a double layer toe to hip cast for a month and a toe to knee cast for another month. I had another operation when that came off and was hopping on crutches for yet another month and then had to walk with them for another 2 before finally getting enough strength back to walk on my own. 18months after that I had to have another operation and do it all over again once more.

Being in hospital was one of the lowest possible times in my life. I was in constant pain. I couldn't sleep. I didn't want to eat. Everything I wanted in my life was shattered into a million tiny pieces and I couldn't see any other way I was going to be happy again. Being 15 I was on a children's ward and remember the girl next to me, who must have been about 4 or 5 keeping asking her Mum 'Why does that girl keep crying?'. I couldn't have answered her. I didn't know why. I was just sad. Not a little bit sad, but sad all over, in my muscles, my bones. Everything felt heavy.

One day in the hospital the nurse wheeled me in the pay phone (this was 15years ago and you wasn't allowed mobile phones in hospitals back then- blooming dark ages!) and I went though every penny of my mums change talking to my friends who where all at the park. I have an awesome group of friends. Still have the same ones. They're more than friends, they're family. The same friends when I go out of hospital, knew I would be siting a home not doing much, told me to add this guy on MSN messenger (reminder- 15years ago) because he was always online and I'd have someone to talk to. So I did.

He asked me out 14months later and asked me to marry him 5 years after that. Every cloud has a silver lining.

That accident shaped my life so dramatically. It changed everything. I actually love what I do. I love who I'm married to and the businesses we run. I love how my life has worked out.

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