I need mental bandwidth back

How are you today? I feel awesome as I'm eating Nachos and chocolate cake!

It's a majorly busy time for me with my other businesses in the summer. Where we are in the UK and run a dance school and dance shop, everyone has their shows at the minute so each an every weekend until August I am helping at, performing in or running my own show- wowzers!

Anyway, this got me thinking this week about being precious with my time. I have to make sure that I take off at least one day a week over the next few weeks otherwise I will end up burnt out. I can feel it starting already. I was really sick nearly 2 years ago and couldn't get out of bed for 3 weeks, ended up having every single test under the sun and on a billion types of medication. I cannot and will not go back to that.

I was speaking with a podcast guest this week (see more about that below) about burn out. It can happen to the very best of us. I also need to send time with John as if I'm feeling a bit low just a hug with John can make my problems melt away.

I'm challenging you to take some time off this week. Put it in your diary now and make sure you keep it as Bosses don't cancel plans. Make sure you claim that time and get some of your mental bandwidth back.

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