I'm 65% done!

Happy Thursday

How are you today?

I got the news today, I'm 65% done! That's 65% done with my braces! yay! I've had a wink front tooth all my life. I had braces as a child, followed all the instructions and still they moved back. I started new treatment with those super funky clear removable braces and it's going great. Only 35% to go! woohoo!

Do you calculate how far you are though with a project at work? Or do you just get on with it? I love tracking the goals especially when you can look and see how close you are to completing. I've made a goal tracker for you. It's really easy. Print it off (click the pic below to download), write your goal at the top and every time you take an action to get closer to that goal you can colour in or cross of a star, heart or flower. Let us know how you get on in the facebook group- (sign up here if you haven't already).

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