I don't know where I am....

I write out these posts in advance so they go out to you on time and I'm not worried that you won't get your weekly update if something else comes up. Today (well tomorrow, as I wrote this yesterday.. brain fuck!) I am being taken out by my sister for my birthday present. I have NO idea where we are going other than it's in London.

This makes me edgy. I hate surprises. I am a planner. I organise everything, in depth

. If I am going away I research everything way in advance from the best way to travel, where to stay, places to visit, even down to what is on a menu in a restaurant. I want to know what I am eating 6months before I go away. Bit extreme?

On the flip side, it's quite nice I don't know what is going on tomorrow. I've been told what to wear and someone else has taken care of the travel, paying, what I'm eating.

So I'm asking today what is it your in control of that someone else could take over, even temporarily to give you more time to do something else either in your business of personal life? Could you have a cleaner come in? What about getting someone to do your social media or answer emails?

Turns out we went to the zoo to be a Zoo Keeper for the day!

#motivation #planning #workingtogether #troubleshooting