It's all over

That's it! England are out of the World Cup (plus the suns gone away again!). There seems to be a general gloom over London today. This made me think of a conversation I had with a friend this week about how we pick ourselves back up after a disappointment.

It is alright to feel down, It is alright to not want to fancy doing something, It is alright to stop, but do not unpack and live there forever. Allow yourself time to digest what happened and why then take the disappointment or the mistake and move forwards. Come up with a bank of ideas which help you get started again.

One of my favourite films is Beauty and the Beast, my Nana took me to see it when my Mum was super pregnant with my little sister. Mrs Potts always reminds me of my Nana as she loved teapots. My favourite line in the film is 'It'll be alright in the end, you'll see'. That one line has got me though a lot of 'stuff'.

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