What to do when you can't decide together?

I have a question for you today? How do you make a joint decision? Especially when you both have different ideas or opinions. For us, it often ends in a row BUT over the past fews years of us working together we have had to come up with some solutions to make it easier.

First, I would suggest fully talking about the problem. Lay it out in full and then each plan your idea out in steps and 'pitch' it to the other person, just like if you were in a business meeting, after all you are running a business. If you can write it out even better. You can then compare ideas lay out the steps you need to take and you have a plan to work from.

Now, if you really can't agree on the solution to a problem, my go to is always to sleep on it. No one has ever accomplished anything good when they are really tired, plus it stops you making a decision in haste. Write out as many ideas as you possibly can for how you can resolve the problem, sleep on it and see what they are looking like in the morning. Personally, I have always found this helped me as in the morning some ideas, which seemed perfectly valid the night before seem completely useless now.

Chances are you are looking at this as you can't make a decision now so this point may not help you too much right now but, consider giving each of you set vitos. Split the main areas of your business (and your home if you so wish), and each person has final say over that area. One of you make have Marketing for example so if the problem arrises that you cannot agree on a font for a design one person has final say and can make that decision. There are a number of areas you can divide up, customer service, new products. The only area I would say you need to have a complete 50/50 split is your finances. Lets face it, it won't make that much difference really if you choose pink or purple as a background colour (as long as it's in your brand colours!) but a large financial decision could mess you up for a long time.

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