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EP1- The Intro Episode

21st June 2018

For this, the very first episode, I introduce myself and why I started this business.   Learn a little bit about me, my Husband John, how I got to where I am and where I want this business to go.

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EP4 - Sally Folley-Lewis

5th July 2018

Productivity coach Sally Foley-Lewis joins me today.  She is amazing and I learnt so much from in just these 45minutes.... pass my diary, I need to colour co-ordinate!

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EP7- Books you must read

26th July 2018

I'm mixing things up today and charing my top 5 books I think you MUST read if you run a business with your partner.  These books are what has helped me and John grow our businesses to multiple 6 figures.

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EP10- Your Event Florist

30th August 2018

If you need flowers and your in Arizona check out www.youreventflorist.com such beautiful flowers.


I had a great chat with Shawna who works this Husband Kevin who is a second generation florist.  It was such a fun chat our dogs even wanted to get envolved! haha!

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EP13- September Q&A

20th September 

Listen to our September Q&A which takes place once a month over in our facebook group.  

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EP16- Elizabeth Adams

11th October

I think my favorite guest so far on the show.  I felt like I've known Elizabeth years!  Join us talking about her awesome company 'Date Night' and her long distance relationship with her boyfriend.

Coral Reef Island

EP19- Jim Hughes & Kim Youdan

1st November

A double dose of awesome guests for your this week.


Jim Hughes from The Untamed Entrepreneur 

&Kim Youdan from Youdan Deisgn 


We’re talking co-living, accidentally working together and Santa mankini's.

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EP22 Across the Board Band

22nd November

Across the Board are an award wining Canadian Band founded by today’s guests Jacqueline Auguste and Andy Ramjattan.  The talent between these two is immense.  Join us talking about music, drinking champagne and not being a people pleaser.

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EP25 Tia & Tommy McGraff

13th December

I think these two are the sweetest couple I’ve interviewed so far.  I had a huge smile on my face the whole time as they talk about each other so genuinely.

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EP28 Grumpy Films

10th January

I had such a giggle talking with these two creative men.  They have run Grumpy films, a production company based in Brooklyn, New York since 2006.  In 2016 they launched live experiences alongside this which sound amazing!  I can’t wait to get to one.

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EP31 Joining Hannah

31st January

Join Hannah from Limitless Millennials www.limitlessmillennials.com and I talking about our highs and lows and this general crazy ride of being an entrepreneur

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EP34 February Q&A

21st February

I’m so sick! Send Help!

Anyway….. time out for some self care.

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EP37 Expand with Julius

14th March

Through their telesummits, private sessions, published books, and their membership club (the Julius Academy), Kasey and Brad Wallis and the ever passionate high light-energy group from the other side named JULIUS.

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EP2 - Boarderless Stories

23rd June 2018

Today I chat to KC from Boardless Stories about how she met her Husband and the challenges they had coming from two different cultures and countries. 

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EP5- Adventure Your World

12th July 2018

Wishing I was in Las Vegas(one of my favorite places) with the amazing Vivi from Adventure your World.

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EP8- Alexandra Marie Hogg

2nd August 2018

Have questions about when to hire a coach or mentor or what they really do?  Join Alexandra Marie and I today where we will be answering these questions.

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EP11- Altelier Wealth

6th September 2018

Today's guests are awesome.  Aaron and Bernie Christie-David from Atelier Wealth who come up with their business idea on Honeymoon.   

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EP14- What to do if you get a complaint...

27th September 

I've had a bad week.  I'm chatting this week about what to do when you get a complaint in your business. 

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EP17- Shannon Grainger

18th October

Shannon Grainger has successfully produced events that generated over ½ Million dollars in a weekend! She has shared the stage with Mark Victor Hansen,

author of Chicken Soup For The Soul, Lisa Sasevich and Loral Langemeirer from The Secret.

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EP20 - Xanet, The power of pleasure

8th November

Today I'm joined by Xanet Pailet from Power of Pleasure to talk about her book 'Living an Orgasmic Life' and how to make time in your relationship for some couple intimate time.

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EP23 November Q&A

29th November

Want help running your business with your partner, check out our FREE facebook group

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EP26 The El-Salomon's

20th December

Jess Salomon and Eman El-Husseini are Jewish-Palestinian wives.  Yes you read that right.  Join me as we chat about the way of the world, comedy and making your partner laugh.​

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EP29 Consciously.org

17th January

Melanie McDaniel & Harry Sherwood

If you’re needing a bit of chill out and relaxation time these two are the people to talk to. So focused on finding their ’North Star’ and bringing wellness to the people they work with.

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EP32 Matthew & Sarah Bivens

7th February

These two are awesome. So full of life and dedicated to making their post possible life.

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EP35 Fun at Work with Greg Winteregg

28th February

Such an awesome episode for you today! Greg Winteregg has a brand new book out next week ‘Fun at Work’. If you’re thinking that’s not possible just listen to Greg's enthusiasm about this topic and you’ll get some great ideas for helping to make work fun.

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EP38 March Q&A

21st March

Coming soon....

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EP3- The Boudoir Body Coach

25th June 2018

In this episode I am chatting to Lerato Barrett who founded The Boudoir Body Coach. Yep, we are talking all things sex. She has some amazing tips for you and your partner to help reconnect in the bedroom.


EP6- Britt Creative Co.

19th July 2018

I love this couple!  Brittany and Tyler from Britt Creative Co. This awesome couple share how they work togther and juggle doing that with rasing their son.


EP9- My Hubby John Watkins

9th August 2018

Today I'm interviewing my Husband John.  Diving into both our business and personal lives! Eak! 

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EP12- Karen Ford

13th September 

Karen Ford is a money master, she has helped one couple pay off 86 credit cards!!  Geez!  Join us for a chat about this story and managing your money better as a couple.

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EP15- What to do when the suckies strike...

4th October

It's awful when you feel bad about work or your business.  In theis weeks episode I'm discussing what I do when things go wrong, giving you tips to turn that frown upside down!

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EP18 - October Q&A

25th October

This months Q&A Is up!  We're chatting time management and adding some little extra's to promote customer loyalty.

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EP21 Josh & Julia Hamon

15th November

These two are the busiest people I have spoken to.  Doughnut makers, book writers, house flippers and foster parents they have got it all going on.


Josh & Julia Hamon​

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EP24 Jason Wasser

6th December

Jason Wasser


This episode is a must listen!  There are some amazing nuggets of knowledge shared.

Jason is a family and couples therapist as well as running his own businesses,

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EP27 December Q&A

2019 Planning

3rd January

It's our December Q&A!  Join us for January's over in our facebook group just for couplepreneurs.

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EP30 January Q&A

24th January

Join us for this Months Q&A.  Wants to take part in the next one?  Pop on over to our facebook grouphttps://www.facebook.com/groups/1826913397607507/ 

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EP33 Valentines Pod

14th February

Super short, super sweet! Happy Valentine’s Day

Some little ideas to help boost businesses around this time of year and help your customers fall even more in love with you.

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EP36 The Monkey Creative

7th March

A bit of a different relationship for you today. Chandler and Kara from The Monkey Creative are related through their partners who are siblings. They run an awesome design agency with staff across the US and worldwide.

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Ep39 Jessica Silverman

28th March

Coming soon...