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Helooooo ,

I feel like I'm on holiday.  We're having a beautiful heatwave here in the UK.  I'm such a summer person, I love it when it's warm...


At least that's how I felt this afternoon.

You see we had a new smart electric meter fitted.  So we now have some fancy little box to tell us...


15 years ago today. Half my lifetime.  My life diverted off course never to return back to the plan I once had.  On that fateful afternoon,...


How are you today?  I feel awesome as I'm eating Nachos and chocolate cake!

It's a majorly busy time for me with my other businesses in the s...


That's it!  England are out of the World Cup (plus the suns gone away again!).  There seems to be a general gloom over London today.  This m...


I write out these posts in advance so they go out to you on time and I'm not worried that you won't get your weekly update if something else...


I have a question for you today?  How do you make a joint decision?  Especially when you both have different ideas or opinions.  For us, it...


 Check out this post about the 5 love languages by Gary Chapman

(Buy Here)

It's a great book and I would highly 
recommend reading...


You had a business, it was going great.  You needed extra help, your partner hated their job.  BOOM! Idea hits!  You’ll employ them to do th...

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