Hi! I'm Laura, nice to meet you

I am the most organised, unorganised person you will meet in your life.  I love avocados and pizza (not together that’s weird!).  I’ve been self-employed since I was 19, I also LOVE my work.


I’m married to John and we run businesses together - Pink Pointes Dancewear (check it out if you need any dance clothing or shoes), a babyballet franchise and offer consultancy services.  While work together is great, we get to support each other and it’s the best feeling watching your other half do well and know your working towards a mutual goal BUT it can be the hardest thing in the world.  When you have a bad day they are often they first person who feels the brute force or if one of your does something wrong and the person is left to clear up the mess.


We had a really bad patch about 9 months into running our shop.  Things came to a head and I was ready to pack a bag, walk away and never turn back (if fact we both did pack a bag and both slept at our sisters houses for the night without the other one knowing) .  I looked online for some help and guidance but couldn’t find anything useful.  We managed to figure out our stuff and get back on track and once we were settled again I set up Pink She Wolf.  


I don't ever want anyone to have to feel like I did.  I don't ever want you to feel that your life will not get better.  That is exactly why I am here, to help couples just like you.  I've learnt a lot over the last 16 years of running my own business and the last 5 years of working with John.  You can keep struggling along on your own and getting deeper and deeper in the shit.  Or you can make a change today, you can make a promise to yourself even one small step, that TODAY will be the last day you ever feel this bad.


My pet peeve is businesses being run badly.  I HATE it.  I'm quite known for voicing my opinions when something isn't up to scratch and work hard to make my businesses run smoothly so my customers can feel valued and keep coming back and my work life balance is central.  I talk a lot about customer service and how you can add small and cheap , or even better FREE, things into your business to maintain those amazing business relationships for years to come.

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